Promoting GIS and Spatial Thinking at the Montana MAGIP GIS Conference

I am promoting GIS and Spatial Thinking at the 2016 Montana MAGIP GIS conference in the following ways.  See each presentation to be “virtually” there.

  1.  My education presentation on Sleepwalking into the Future:  A World Without Spatial Thinking.
  2. My education panel presentation and discussion on Benefits, Challenges, and Trends in GIS in education:
  3. My keynote address on The Age of Geotechnologies?  Five Converging Forces:
  4. My hands-on workshop on Storymaps:  What they are, why to use them, and how to create, modify, and embed them.
  5. My hands-on workshop on Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS Online, including styling, classifying, filtering, calculating statistics, map overlay, enrichment, and more.

Joseph Kerski in Montana.

Joseph Kerski in Montana.  Big Skies, Great People using GIS to make a positive difference in the state and beyond!