Teaching Environmental Education with GeoTechnologies

I recently gave a webinar on teaching environmental education with geotechnologies.   Here is the syllabus for the webinar with a great many hyperlinked maps and apps for you to do your own investigating.

The recording of this webinar is here.  It is 1:07:20 in length.



Join Geographer Joseph Kerski and the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education as we explore relevant and rigorous geotechnology tools that can enhance environmental education in a dynamic manner.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Examine spatial patterns of weather, climate, biomes, ocean currents, landforms, watersheds, human health, and other environmental topics with dynamic web maps and satellite images.
  • Explore how you can map your field-collected data, and how you and your students can create multimedia story maps and other web mapping applications to communicate environmental issues.
Teaching Environmental Education with Geotechnologies

Teaching Environmental Education with Geotechnologies.